Δ p Banner Ads

You can find Δ p on the Internet in German at www.delta-p-online.de and in English www.delta-p-online.com. Both Internet platforms are updated daily and supplement to  Δ p  and Δ p Global Yearbook. With more than 14,000 company entries www.pumps-directory.com is the most important pump search machine world-wide. Actually it is technically renewed.

These three Δ p Internet platforms offer a highly exclusive an very economical platform for your banner advertisement.

Banner formats (in rotation)                              Rates for Δ p advertising clients                                Rates

Leaderboard 728 x 90 Pixel 6 months            € 1,200                                                                        € 3,000

Skyscraper 160 x 600 Pixel 6 months             € 1,500                                                                       € 3,750

Rectangle 180 x 150 Pixel 6 months                € 500                                                                          € 1,500

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