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Single-flow twin screw pump for industrial applications


FDS series

These twin screw pumps are available in five sizes made of stainless steel or cast steel. These pumps are capable of pumping a wide range of products, from volatile liquids, such as petrol, to high viscous bitumen. The pumps’ simple construction allows for quick seal replacement and repair of the screws. The two mechanical seals can be positioned on the suction or discharge side.

Single-flow pumps feature two intermeshing, contactless feed screws, designed with specific pitches, depending on the application and pump capacity.

The standard FDS series can be used for flow rates of up to 350 m3/h, differential pressure of up to 25 bar and a maximum medium temperature of 180 °C.

With the FDS Flow Pack and FDS Power Pack configurations, the discharge pressure and flow rates of the standard series could be extended to values of 50 bar, respectively 700 m3/h. Another version, namely the inline twin screw pump FDSI, has particularly been designed with the aim of easy integration into the pipework of existing plants.

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