Wangen: New hygienic twin screw pump


This new pump generation offers a spindle change without re-synchronisation of the spindle shafts. All you have to do is remove the housing and loosen the screws and the spindles can then be removed in order to replace the seal in a fast and straightforward manner, for example. Thanks to a self-centring flange casing, which is available as an option, the coupling is optimally aligned automatically. As a result, renewed alignment of the coupling with the pump, e.g. after service activities, is not required. In addition, the Twin guarantees a long service life, among other things, as a result of the further-developed, high-quality components and materials, such as the further-developed shafts.

Gentle conveyance is something that is absolutely essential in the sector of the foodstuffs and beverages industry. Such gentle conveyance is ensured thanks to the optimised and precise flow characteristics in the pump. Cleaning the pump is not a complicated task either thanks to Cleaning in Place (CIP).

Thanks to the large speed range, the CIP solution can be pumped at a high flow speed, and there is no need for any dismantling from the pipe for cleaning purposes. With its numerous nozzle variants, the twin screw pump offers maximum connection flexibility and, thus, variable options for installation in existing systems. Changes do not need to be made to the existing pump thanks to the 100% backward compatibility of the pump with previous series. Grips on the housing enable the attachment of carrier loops or belts, for example. Variance in the spindle pitch has been increased compared to the predecessor model; extended, flexible drive selection is also possible.

The pump is available in different sizes and has a pressure range of between 16 to 25 bar, depending on the pump and design. Peak pressures up to 30 bar are possible without any problem at all for the Twin 70 and 104 sizes. The conveyance quantities are between 25 m³/h – 200 m³/h. Just like virtually all of the products made by WANGEN, the pumps are available in a variety of versions: The bearing housing in stainless steel and grey cast iron (galvanically zinc-coated and high-quality painted), also with and without direct flange-on of the drive.


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