CP Pumpen: 14 PFA lined magnetic drive chemical process pumps


The Swiss pump manufacturer CP Pumpen AG received a order from a worldwide leading producer in the chemical industry. Within a base process, the MKPL pumps will ensure the safe and reliable handling of the fluid. The PFA lined process pumps deliver a performance from 0.5 to 400 m3/h for a total head of 3 to 90 meters. They are used to handle hot and/or highly concentrated acids, bases, solvent and diffusing fluids within a temperature range of -20°C up to +200°C.

Already in the past, CP supported this pump user with its magnetic drive pumps. Operating absolutely reliable and safe, these pumps keep the production process running. Therefore, the customer decided once again to implement another project with the pumps of CP Pumpen.

These PFA lined magnetic drive chemical process pumps are made of a high quality material which is resistant to corrosion and diffusion. Additionally, these pumps feature a frequency converter, which enables the user to regulate the rotational frequency and to run up flexibly to specific operating points, which in turn optimizes the complete handling process.

Thanks to the usage of a magnetic coupling, there are no leakage and dangers of crystallization, pollution and production downtimes.

Made of pure SSiC in a robust design engineered for ceramics, the bearing assembly ensures high operational safety. Plain and thrust bearings are secured with polygonal form-fit, self-centring anti-rotation devices. Even at high temperatures, the PFA lined metal plain bearing carrier maintains a constant clearance between the impeller and casing.




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