Mouvex Celebrates 110 Years of Eccentric Disc Pump


Headquartered in Auxerre, France, Mouvex was founded in 1906 by engineer André Petit when he identified the challenges that gear and lobe pump users were facing in optimizing their process and invented the eccentric disc pump as a result. Since that time, Mouvex has become a worldwide leader in positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids and dry bulk products within the hygienic, chemical, energy, military and transport industries. Mouvex became part of PSG in 2008, and now has operations on five continents with a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

Mouvex eccentric disc pumps are known for their reliability, durability and cost effectiveness, and have earned a reputation as the ideal pumping technology for some of the harshest applications in the world.

The comprehensive line of eccentric disc pumps includes the Micro C Series, C Series, SLS Series, S Series, SLC Series, A Series and CC20 Tank Truck Series. To compliment its line of industry-leading eccentric disc pumps, Mouvex also offers its P Series and CC8 Series Sliding Vane Pumps. In addition, Mouvex manufactures its Abaque Series Peristaltic (Hose) Pumps. Mouvex also offers an extensive line of oil-free screw and vane compressors as well as hydraulic cooler.


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