KSB: Pumps for Brazilian cellulose production

August and October this year will see the KSB group supply three boiler feed pumps for a new cellulose production plant located in Três Lagoas, in the federal state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The customer is one of the world’s leading producers of cellulose using eucalyptus plants.

The delivery comprises three HGC pumps, two of which are equipped with 4,350 kW, two-pole 4,000 volt variable-speed motors. The third pump set is driven by a turbine, also rated 4,350 kW. The flow rate of each pump set is around 1,011 cubic metres per hour and the discharge head is slightly more than 1,400 metres. All wetted parts are made of chrome steel.

The steam boilers which must be supplied with feed water provide the energy required for the cellulose production. The new production unit is an expansion of the existing factory which is already equipped with KSB pumps. It will increase the annual cellulose production from 1.75 million to 3.05 million tonnes.


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