Fristam adds double-screw technology to its pump portfolio

FDS_mit_FoerderschraubenThe pump casing of Fristam FDS pumps comes in three parts, consisting of an intermediate flange, the screw casing and the pump cover. This enables individual adaptation of the connections to any conceivable production system requirement. Thanks to central positioning of the gearwheels inside the bearing support area, the entire pump comes in a very compact design. Moreover, its massive shaft has reinforcements in the area of critical diameters to ensure maximum rigidity. Further stability is achieved through a combination of particular large bearings and an increased bearing distance. The result is smooth running with minimal wear.

The pump’s service life is also prolonged by an improved lubrication system for the bearings. They are always immersed in an optimized quantity of oil flowing along a specifically designed circulation path. Maintenance work on the gears is facilitated by direct access to the drive system without removal of the pump. Replacing the mechanical seals of the FDS takes no more than a few simple steps: first remove the pump casing and cover, then pull out the screws and remove the item keys which lock the seals in place, finally pull out the mechanical seals towards the front and replace them. Up to nine different screws are available for each pump size to cover the entire bandwidth of possible applications.

One pump for product transport and cleaning

As a positive displacement pump, the Fristam FDS is used for the most viscous products. At the same time, however, this series is capable of reaching very high speeds. Consequently, it is also able to transport significant amounts of any low-viscosity medium such as water or liquid detergents. This dispenses with the need for an additional pump for cleaning processes.

The pump is easy to clean, since the mechanical seals of the FDS are positioned in fully flushed areas with constant pressure conditions. Thanks to the absence of cavities, residue-free rinsing of the pump in a CIP process presents no problem. The pump can also be sterilised. The entire series comes in four sizes. The maximum discharge pressure is 25 bar, the maximum flow rate approx. 180 m3/h. Connections of up to DN 150 are available. The pump can be mounted either horizontally, vertically or sideways. It is available with single or double mechanical seals. Numerous additional options, such as high-pressure models or Atex-compliant versions, make it possible to adapt the pumps individually to a great variety of products, processes and manufacturing systems.

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