Oerlikon Leybold: High vacuum system for researchers


pic OLV TURBOLAB 1Turbolab are plug-and-play high vacuum pump systems This new generation is built on one basic design platform with the opportunity to create several different variants. The systems are compact, fully assembled, and ready-to-operate. Different configurations cover the individual vacuum demands of a wide range of applications in the R&D and analytical market. Due to the oil-free hybrid bearing design of the new Turbovac i/iX turbo pumps featured in these systems, and by using different dry compressing backing pump combinations, hydrocarbon free pump system operation is guaranteed.

The Turbolab systems come completely preassembled with turbomolecular pump, dry compressing or oil-sealed backing pump and the innovative TPU display power unit. Both compact table top and mobile cart versions are available and offer the greatest flexibility and ease of operation. Relocation kits are also available to place the pumps away from the frame.

Each version can be customized to individual needs regarding a wide range of accessories, such as purge gas and/or venting valve, foreline safety valve, cooling units, heater band and more. The system can be completed with Thermovac TTR fore vacuum pressure gauges and Penningvac PTR high vacuum sensors. Connected sensors will be detected and pressure readings automatically shown on the display.

Data is critical for research, and data management can be challenging. Along with the Turbolab systems, new tools are available to make system configuration, operation, monitoring and control extremely easy. All critical parameters and conditions such as errors, warnings, frequency, temperature, etc. are logged to an internal memory automatically based on a default time interval, which can be adjusted on site.

A built-in Webserver allows remote controlling, monitoring and configuring the system from a mobile device or computer using the browser. The PC based software tool Turbolab Data Viewer analyzes the data log & event log files and monitors the status and the key parameters in real-time from multiple systems. Opening the trend view on a laptop or mobile device will display the events on top of your trended parameter. This allows you to quickly compare the data surrounding your system events. This new way of looking at the data related to the event helps to diagnose the conditions that affect your system. The software tool can be downloaded for free from the website.



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