Crane: New Sizes of Depa AODD Pumps


DepaDH_PumpRange (2)Delivering superior safety, improved functionality and a self-standing design, the next generation Depa DH® line of aluminum air-operated double diaphragm pumps has been expanded to include the sizes DH50 and 80. With this addition, the advanced flanged range includes now five sizes that are certified to ATEX Zone 1. These pumps  are used in the paint, petrochemical and waste water industries, and are available with a comprehensive selection of options and accessories.

The special design features of these pumps are:

  • flexible multi-port connections that provide up to 25 installation options
  • maintenance in place that reduces downtime by 25 % and required parts by 30 % (compared to the previous model)
  • innovative flange design that provides a safe and well-defined diaphragm clamping mechanism for consistent lifetime wear
  • high-efficiency free-flow-path technology that increases applications and enhances energy efficiency by 37% (as determined by internal testing)

“The newly-launched Depa DH has already made an impact on the industry,” said Chris Blanchard, Global Business Line Manager for Crane ChemPharma & Energy. “The addition of sizes DH50/80 will increase the breadth of solutions that we provide to our customers and enable us to continuously improve the performance of our product.”




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