Netzsch: 2014 Global Product Leadership Award


Netzsch will be presented with a highly appreciated 2014 best practices award by Frost & Sullivan for the second time since 2011. In its motivation statement, Frost & Sullivan explains that the 2014 Global Product Leadership Award in Progressive Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas was issued by evaluating total client experience and strategy implementation excellence us-ing a scorecard, including 10 benchmark criteria for both product leadership and manage-ment culture.

Frost & Sullivan recognizes that the dynamics within the oil and gas industry are constantly changing. Innovativeness, uniqueness, customer values and matching the needs of the end customers are the key ingredients for success in this highly competitive market. To gain mar-ket share, pump manufacturers must introduce new and better technology to replace existing inefficient technology in the oil and gas industry. Vision alignment, operational efficiency, and positive company culture will nurture the existing talent within the company to manufacture high-performance, high-quality, and reliable products. Netzsch has been in the progressive cavity pumps market for more than 60 years, and Frost & Sullivan finds that close partner-ships with end users have given Netzsch the knowledge of various processes, which led it to design a suitable product that meets all of the end-user requirements, as well as in upstream as mid- and downstream applications.

Oil and gas is a critical process industry, as it cannot afford downtime. Hence, the reliability and quality of a pump play important roles in ensuring that the process is problem-free. Frost & Sullivan analysis confirms that Netzsch offers products that are highly reliable and de-pendable. Moreover, Netzsch uses advanced testing facilities to ascertain that all pumps per-form satisfactorily before they are installed on site.




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