Atlas Copco: Generators and pumps for SydVästlänken project

atlas2The power grid in Southern Sweden is susceptible to disruptions. To address issues such as transmission bottlenecks, the Swedish national grid operator Svenska Kraftnät has set up the SydVästlänken project. Started in 2012, the project incorporates a 270 km underground cable and a 250km overhead power line.

Swedish contractor Skanska handles the bulk of the underground cable laying. It has invested in Atlas Copco on-site generators and submersible dewatering pumps to meet the demanding specifications of this project.

The SydVästlänken (“The South-West Link”) project is due to be completed in 2015 and will increase transmission capacity by about 25 percent. Estimates place the cost of the works at 7.3 billion SEK.

atlas1“When Skanska was awarded the major part of the underground cable laying, 200km out of the total 270km, we knew that we would need suppliers that we could rely on to deliver the quality that we needed” explains Magnus Johansson, SydVästlänken Project Manager, Skanska. “The project takes us into remote areas without electricity and the requirements are demanding. After excavating almost one million cubic meters of rubble, we have to lay the cable. The base of each cable trench must be completely dry and laid with a special gravel of exacting specifications for compaction, drainage and cohesiveness.”

“To meet these specifications, we have invested in Atlas Copco QAS onsite generators and Atlas Copco Weda 40 submersible dewatering pumps so far,” continues Johansson. “We are happy to report that these pumps have lived up to our expectations. As well as keeping the excavations completely dry, the pumps lower start torque and lower current requirements allow us to run more pumps on a single generator, improving productivity.”

“Atlas Copco portable equipment is made for this kind of difficult projects,” agrees Abet Cantuba, Product Marketing Manager Pumps for Atlas Copco Portable Energy. “Skanska specifically needed equipment that could run around the clock in a challenging environment, and that’s what we’ve provided.”

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