Andritz Ritz supplies submersible motor pumps for North Sea drilling platforms

Offshore.2Andritz Ritz is supplying six four-pole submersible motor pumps, Type SU 16-600/1/U. The industrial water supplied is required mainly for

  • cooling plant,
  • machinery and
  • generators and

has to be available continually. The pumps are mounted in the platform pillars, each of them conveying 600 m³/h at the operating point.

The four-pole submersible motors are designed especially for offshore requirements. In order to meet these very high thermal and mechanical demands, the winding wire has special insulation and thus a higher level of thermal resistance. The housings are made of seawater-proof aluminium bronze (NiAl bronze), characterised by very high durability.

Stoppage costs hundreds of thousands of Euros daily

Offshore.1The pumps are equipped with Modular Cooling Technology (MC-T) to keep them constantly cooled. The experts from Schwäbisch Gmünd have developed a solution consisting of a sheath design based on flow principles, which first conducts the water taken in by the motor past the motor itself before it is transported upwards in the pump. Another highlight is the Motor Saver. It monitors motor functioning and provides data on operational conditions and maintenance requirements.

These maintenance-free submersible pumps are – acc. a company information – “extremely reliable – drain off, switch on and forget. This is of paramount importance for the platform operators. Although the pumps are C parts as regards costs, functionally they are definitely A parts.” If the pumps were to break down, all the machinery and plant on deck would stop – and that would cause several hundred thousand Euros worth of damage each day.

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