As good as can be! TOR plans the energetically optimal fluid system

Noticeable energy savings at energy consuming fluid systems demand a global system optimization that behaves robust against uncertainties of load histories. Therefore, it is essential to switch the focus from traditional product scaling (Product Approach, Extended Product Approach) to a focus on system optimization (System Approach).

Like a chess player, the planning entity has to consider and evaluate scenarios until she finds a system topology which is suited to achieve the system goal with a minimum of energy. Because of the large number of combinatorial combinations, this can only be achieved with the help of computers and sophisticated algorithms.

At the TU Darmstadt, a group of Mathematicians and Engineers together develop the virtual system designer TOR [1]. TOR is the name of the system designer as well as the name of the new research direction „Technical Operational Research“.

Download this article (PDF-File) from Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Pelz, PD Dr. Ulf Lorenz Technische Universität Darmstadt Institut für Fluidsystemtechnik here


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