DAB: Evosta Circulator adapts to any space

dabWith Evosta, this Italian manufacturer completes the Evo series ranging from Evotron to Evoplus. This version is specifically designed for the needs of heating systems and adjusted on basic needs. Primarily conceived for residential applications, given its small size and peculiar characteristics, the youngest of the Dab family is the new entry of the electronic series – a single product that is an alternative to a wide range of products on the market, with a pressure from 4 to 7 meters, available with different system connection configurations. Evosta, created to offer maximum versatility, is perfectly interchangeable with the previous traditional 3-speed circulator series.

Even Evosta, as the whole Evo series, features an energy efficiency index EEI: <0.23, ready for August 2015, when the second stage of the directive regarding energy savings with more restrictive limits will come into effect.

The new pump is characterized by constant curves and proportional pressure. This product alone can replace pumps with maximum head of 4, 5 and 6 meters. It is compact and the terminal board can be extracted to be replaced, in order to minimize recovery time. The front part of the device features a brass plug that allows a quick maintenance for ventilation or unlocking needs. The technological impact is minimized thanks to a single setting button which, when in doubt, returns to factory setting in a sequential manner. Exclusively designed for the OEM market, the terminal box features flexible solutions: it can be installed in various positions.



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