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Colfax presented new screw pump

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 von admin

!cid_AA405C258A10320E43A6@TENNCOMANEUHAUThe new “CFH M” series is developed for pumping all types of lubricating liquids like lubricating and hydraulic oils.

Six sizes cover a capacity range from 40 to 880 l/min. (8.8 to 232.5 GPM) with a maximum discharge pressure of 100 bar (1450 psi).

The temperature of the liquid may be as high as 100 °C (212 °F); permissible viscosity is between 3 and 760 mm2/s.


Nash supplies a flexible vacuum system for paper machine

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 von admin

GDNash-PR-Zellstoff-Poels_deZellstoff Pöls, in Austria, is one of the largest manufacturer of high quality, chlorine-free bleached long-fibre sulphate pulp in Central and South Eastern Europe. For the new PM2 paper machine, Nash is supplying the vacuum system for dewatering in the wire section and the press section. The Zellstoff Pöls PM2 focuses on “machine glazed” papers (a paper with very high strength), and incorporates the production of paper basis weights between 28 and 120 g/m². This wide product spectrum places high demands on the flexibility of the vacuum system, as the method of drying has to adapt to each paper grade. The major challenge was adapting the vacuum at the various suction points for each specified paper weight and the required drying needs. This was accomplished through the use of frequency converters that allowed for “fine adjustment” of the speed and the vacuum level to meet the specific requirements of the paper grade produced.


Sulzer: Pump Performance Expert Service for Pulp and Paper Industry

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 von admin

Sulzer_Pumps_PPISulzer Pumps has launched a new Pump Performance Expert Service for customers in the pulp and paper industry. This new global service will contribute not only to reducing customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but also to achieving significant benefits in their existing and future processes.

The Pump Performance Expert Service focuses on


KSB: Historical pumps restored at Technical University Munich

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 von admin

KSB_TU_Muenchen_historische_Pumpen_01In June 2013, KSB Service GmbH completed the overhaul of three historical pumps and their piping systems at TUM, Munich’s technical university. The three pumps are located at the university’s hydraulic institute, where they have been used for testing as part of hydraulic engineering and water management teaching for a hundred years. The pump sets from Frankenthal pump manufacturer KSB include two double-entry pumps from 1913 and a single-stage pump from 1916.

As well as overhauling the pumps, the service specialists from KSB’s Pegnitz site also fitted new valves and replaced the old cast pipes with stainless steel piping. Since the old pumps do not feature flanges standardised to DIN ‒ the first DIN standards were released in March 1918 ‒ the piping manufacturer had to transfer the hole patterns onto the loose plate flanges of the new pipes. In the past, the two older double-entry pumps shared a 6-pole 90 kW fixed speed motor.


Tapflo: Newly developed pump for sterile applications

Monday, July 1st, 2013 von admin

zsswq19shzlurizfbs7wThe new Tapflo pump series is certified by EHEDG, the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group.   The aseptic pump series will come in three sizes. The first to be launched is the smallest, with a maximum flow of 425 litres per minute.


Top 10 posts on Δ p Global Online in June 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013 von admin

The following posts on Δ p Global Online have been most clicked  in last month:

  1. Wilden shows new air distribution system for AODDP
  2. Schroeder: Automatic recirculation valve
  3. Bungartz: Centrifugal Pumps in Power Plant
  4. Bornemann: Hermetically sealed twin- screw pump with magnetic coupling
  5. Busch extends range of dry-running vacuum pumps
  6. Caprari: Pumping water at high flow rates
  7. Uraca: Positive displacement pumps for CO2-extraction
  8. Grundfos: A new video about the Magna 3
  9. Hermetic: World’s largest canned motor pump
  10. DST presents a new magnetically coupled centrifugal pump

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