Colfax: Allweiler pumps for Saudi Arabia power plant

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Colfax Fluid Handling has received an order to deliver 21 of its Allweiler screw pumps valued at more than EUR 300,000 for a power plant in Saudi Arabia. The pumps will be an important part of a gas turbine power plant in Yanbu.

The order includes pumps for moving heavy, crude (Arabian Light Crude or ALC), and lubricating oil. Pumping liquids like heavy oil and ALC requires special seal types and materials that are selected to fulfill the operator’s specific requirements. Seals must comply with API standards and diagrams, sometimes in the form of double-acting mechanical seals and flushed seals. The materials, in particular, were required to meet very high quality standards. In addition to fulfilling these requirements, the ability to reliably provide on-site support at the power plant in Saudi Arabia as well as at equipment manufacturer (Hanwha Corp. in South Korea) was a critical factor in granting this order.

These pumps will operate on three gas turbine generators at the Yanbu II power plant. Each will provide 230 MW of output, forming one part of a seawater desalination plant. The generators are currently under construction with delivery from Hanwha anticipated early in 2013.

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