Jung Process Systems: Feeding of whole egg

For the challenging task of gentle feeding of egg products Jung Process Systems obtained the second order for a Hyghspin 125 from one of the leading French producers of egg products. With this new pump the customer achieves considerably higher capacities at constant excellent product quality.

Gentle transport of the egg products is more than essential in order to maintain the most important characteristics of the highly sensitive egg products during production process – such as emulsifying capability of the yolk resp. the thermally inducing coagulation ability of the egg white. This means high demands and makes the axial feeding principle of twin screw pumps ideal. The media is not beaten but fed gently towards flow direction.

The Hyghspin 125 now supplied to France feeds 90 m3/h of egg product against 7 bar. These pumps are the most powerful pumps manufactured by Jung Process Systems, achieving a capacity up to 300 m3/h. The double-acting flushed mechanical seal of the pump avoids that product gets outside and that dirt and microbiological contaminations come inside the product. At the same time these mechanical seals serve for optimum cleaning. As a standard the pump is equipped with the new revision opening in the gear casing, facilitating considerably maintenance of pump.



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