Gentle yeast treatment in breweries

Although breweries are predominantly utilizing centrifugal pumps there are a couple of critical steps during the brewing process which require the use of hygienic displacement pumps. This means essentially the transport of yeast. For this challenging transport tasks, for instance for the yeast dosification or also for the yeast recuperation, Jung Process Systems offers Hyghspin twin screw pumps in different sizes.

A well-known customer, for example, already uses since two years a Hyghspin 70-40 for the transport of beer yeast with double-acting flushed mechanical seal. The operational characteristics for product transfer and CIP cleaning demonstrate the versatility of the pump. At a temperature of  90 °C the yeast has a viscosity in this special case of 320 mm2/s. The feed capacity amounts to maximum 11 m3/h at a differential pressure of up to 10,5 bar. During CIP procedure the same pump operates with max. 24 m3/h against 2 bar.

Due to the low shear effect and the axial feeding principle of these pumps the consistency of the yeast will not be affected. A safe process operation of the pumps over a wide range of viscosities and capacities is more than important because the viscosity of beer yeast fluctuates. This safety is guaranteed by exact pump design as to range of speeds and correct choice of the adequate feed screw pitch so that optimum results are achieved with Hyghspin pumps – also an excessive flow rate can damage or even destroy the yeast structure. Moreover the pump can be cleaned in-place. For this reason the Hyghspin pumps are especially suitable for those companies that prefer gentle and low pulsation transport of their products, using the same pump also for CIP cleaning.

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