Cartridge seal with benefits of high-performance technology


With the new eCartex, EagleBurgmann offers a combination of the

  • Cartex cartridge unit, proven by decades of use,
  • and the innovative DiamondFace (DF) coating,

especially characterized by its high dry-run capability and solids resistance. The eCartex utilizes DF-coated seal faces that stand for extreme hardness, resistance to wear, and excellent thermal conductivity. The result is a high savings potential that pays off quickly: Energy consumption is reduced by up to 80%.

A non-coated Cartex-SN/43 (SiC/SiC) with 8,000 operating hours per year converts 3,200 kWh to friction energy. The same DF-coated eCartex saves approx. 2,500 kWh for the same period.

The eCartex is suitable for applications in the processing industry, in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cell and paper pulp, food, water and wastewater sectors, and offers enormous advantages in the initial installation, standardization, retrofits, and conversion of packings. The pre-installed cartridge unit makes it easy to replace the seal quickly and without errors.

Since 2007 EagleBurgmann has been successfully providing the DiamondFace mechanical seal technology worldwide. During the DF coating procedure, a microcrystalline layer with all the attributes of natural diamond is applied to the sliding surfaces by chemical vapor deposition in a vacuum furnace. The method combines thick layers with extremely flat and uniform sealing surfaces. The more than 6,000 previously engineered EagleBurgmann applications show that the DF-coated seals have a multiple extended service life on average. This reduces unscheduled plant shutdowns and the associated production losses.

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