Friatec: 18 pumps for solar power plant in India

Friatec AG – Division Rheinhütte Pumpen received an order from power plant operator Lanco to construct 18 pumps for two solar power plants at a total cost of 3.2 million euros.QVHAYM44QWXV

The pumps are to be built, installed and put into operation at Jodhpur, Radjhastan in western India, by the end of December 2012. These plants are the first large-scale power plants with salt tanks outside of Europe. The project has received the support of the Indian government. With over 250 days of sunshine a year, the border area offers the best solar radiation conditions and is to be developed into a major solar park.

Dr. Jürgen Weinerth

Friatec has successfully realised similar projects in Spain. Besides quality, delivery time and experience were crucial factors which led to the project in India being awarded. Dr. Jürgen Weinerth, Senior Vice President of Friatec AG – Division Rheinhütte Pumpen said: “India will be an important solar market in the near future. This project deals with the first large-scale power plants with salt tanks outside of Europe. Lanco was suitably impressed by our experience with European projects. This order opens doors for us as regards commercial solar power plants in India and, later, the Middle East. It is an important step for the future development of our company.”

The Indian market attaches great importance to solar energy. The Indian government is backing the project with state support programmes. The aim of the initiative is to achieve a solar capacity of 20,000 MW for the national grid system by 2020. Seven percent of the national power generation capacity should come from renewable energy sources.

Lanco is one of the largest Indian power-plant construction companies, notably for power plants with capacities in excess of 1000 MW. Regarding the supply of pumps, Lanco places a strong emphasis on quality. For power plants, an operating life of 25 years must be guaranteed. The vertical molten salt pumps of Division Rheinhütte Pumpen meet these extremely high demands: They can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius, are 16.5 metres in overall length and have a motor power rating of 560 kW. Moreover, the company can guarantee complex engineering, close cooperation with the customer in designing the overall system and on-site assembly and commissioning. A permanent power supply at individual power plants can only be realised if an intermediate heat storage unit is used during the night. The very high heat storage capacity of salt provides a solution to significantly improving the efficiency of these plants. Friatec offers advice and support concerning the optimisation of the thermal storage tank systems (TES).

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