EagleBurgmann opens GasketXpress Production Center

To ensure a high level of system availability and deliveries of standard and special gaskets at short notice, EagleBurgmann has opened the first GasketXpress Production Center in Wolfratshausen. The production spectrum covers metal gaskets such as spiral-wound gaskets, serrated gaskets and ring type joints, as well as tailored fabric seals in all common ASME and EN standard sizes and special seals according to customer specifications or drawings in diameters up to 4 m.

GasketXpress production is combined with a stock-keeping program which has been specially adapted to the requirements of the European process industry. This enables an emergency service and deliveries within 24 hours of the order being received by the EagleBurgmann subsidiary and service center network. In addition, further production units (e.g. equipped with gasket cutting plotters and spiral-wound gasket machines) have been set up at various other locations world-wide. An in-house test laboratory for in-process testing on state-of-the-art test rigs ensures 100% reproducibility and consistently high quality of the gaskets.

Together with the EagleBurgmann on-site service for scheduled plant downtimes and inspections, EagleBurgmann offers a solution ensuring punctual delivery of standard and special gaskets which has proven its value many times over in minimizing costly stoppage times and increasing plant availability.


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