Double diaphragm pump with ceramic valves

The heart of this pump is a innovative, wearless ceramic valve which ensures 100% starting from as low as 0.3 bar on, accounted for by the specific latching position and the valves’ associated “skip effect” and furthermore enable switching cycles with extremely high frequency.

Thus, the new Timmer pumps have considerably lower pulsation, less dead spots and significantly more compact design than competitors’ pumps. To put it simply, the pumps are tiny, yet quick, and therefore provide the requested flow rate at little demand of compressed air, resulting in a low flushing pressure at high frequency while CIPing, not only saving solvents but working hours as well.

The diaphragm system is a completely new development evolving from close collaboration with the leading manufacturer of PTFE-diaphragms. Due to the patented TIM-flex-diaphragm using the well directed application of a supporting diaphragm as well as the non-material-stressing geometry, the pumps have an extremely long lifespan resulting in less frequent need for maintenance than most other pumps on the market have. Furthermore, the diaphragm can not be overstretched, making the pumps absolutely safe for dry running.

In addition, the commonly used pulsation damping controller is now obsolete in many applications because of the low pulsation.

The 3:1 and 1:1 ½” pumps are just the beginning – due to different sizes and materials, the continuously growing family of pumps will soon provide pumps for almost any application, and of course Timmer-Pneumatik will design and manufacture custom solutions for specific applications. From springs, balls and center blocks to different connection types – anything may be suited to the customer’s desires by Timmer’s competent design and development department.

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