Hermetically sealed twin- screw pump with magnetic coupling

A hermetically sealed twin- screw pump expands the comprehensive product program from  Bornemann. This is a pump with contactless rotating elements and media-lubricated bearings, which can also be used with media that are low-lubricating. The pump is hermetically sealed by a magnetic coupling. As such, the advantages that speak in favour of using a “seal-free” pump can now be combined with the advantages of the proven Bornemann 2-spindle technology. A version is also optionally available with mechanical seal, for extreme application conditions.

The pump has a very low NPSH value of 2 m, and therefore allows  big suction heights with a low noise level. The intermeshing screws form separate pumping chambers, in which the medium is moved from the suction to discharge side. Even shear-sensitive products are handled gentle, with low-pulsation .

The self-priming pumps run without contact between the rotating elements . Even short dry-running phases can be managed under certain conditions. Due to the working principle it is also possible to reverse the flow direction. Various screw pitches are used to reach certain flow and pressure requirements.

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