Pompetravaini: New liquid ring vacuum pumps

The launch of new and innovative liquid ring vacuum pumps TRVX series has already taken place, in fact the TRVX 1003 and TRVX 1007 respectively 20 and 30HP e-motor have already gained a strong position in the world wide market. The announced TRVX 1253, TRVX 1255 and TRVX 1257, with e-motor up to 60HP and capacity up to 2000 m³/h are ready and the smaller series TRVX 650, TRVX 400, TRVX 320 and TRVX 250 are partially already marketed and ready for presentation during exhibition Achema 2012 in Frankfurt Germany.

The entire range therefore will include pumps from 1HP to 60HP e-motors with capacity from 20 m³/h till 2000 m³/h and max vacuum 33 mbar (absolute suction pressure). The series TRVX are available with ATEX certification Gr. II Cat 1/2 (Zone 0/1) G IIB T4. Optional the TRMX series 400, 320 and 250 monoblock, electrical motor mounted, have same hydraulic and performance as the TRVX series in compact version.


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