Turnkey and ready-to-use dosing device

Milton Roy Europe has developed the DosaSkid®, a “Plug and Play” metering device. The company has focused on a simple, reliable and fast metering solution.

• Easy and fast installation: only the hydraulic and electrical connections need to be made
• The modules (dosing and storage of fluids) are stand alone and can be assembled as necessary
• Process adaptability: interchangeable pumps for easy adaptation to process changes
• Optimized reliability and safety
• Simple and rapid maintenance
• A single supplier ensures proper installation operation
• Compact
• ATEX zone 2 upon request

Typical applications
• Sea water desalination: cleaning and maintenance of RO membranes, water conditioning
• Boiler water treatment: treatment of make up, boiler feed and waste waters
• Industrial water treatment: coagulation/flocculation, pH regulation
• Refinery: injection of additives into fuels from refineries, conditioning of drinking water in utilities
• Surface treatment: pickling, neutralization, effluent treatment
• Food and Beverage industry: cleaning in place

Techincal features
There are two types of DosaSkid:frame-mounted pump(s) or chemical injection package with storage tank.

Dosing module:
• Tubing: 316L stainless steel or C-PVC
• Suction line
• Suction connection
• Discharge line
• Accessories determined based on the application

Recommended dosing pumps:
• Flow rate up to 400 l/h (standard)
• Maximum permissible pressure up to 64 barg (standard)

Storage tank module:
• 316L stainless steel (4 sizes available)
• HDPE (5 sizes available)


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