Caprari: Pumping water at high flow rates

A long-term strategic alliance has been established between Caprari and Peme Gourdin, two European manufacturers specialized in water centrifugal pumps. With this alliance Caprari presents the new High Flow Line, a range of products and solutions designed for pumping water at high flow rates, now available world-wide through the Caprari network.

The High Flow Line products have been entirely designed, engineered and manufactured for professional pumping requirements, allowing both plant engineers and users to optimize the Life Cycle Cost – LCC thanks to their ultra-high levels of efficiency (low energy consumption), long life and reliability.

A very wide variety of configurations is available: alloyed cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and cupro-aluminium, AISI 316 stainless steel, duplex and super duplex.

The service providing by Caprari network for High Flow Line begins with analysis and research to identify the best solution from both technical and cost-effective aspects and continues with the offer of specialistic assistance: installation, start-up and commissioning, monitoring with highly specialized personnel, training. Caprari assists the customer at every stage: from the offer through the contract, the final testing of the installation up to after-sales service.

In particular the Caprari French subsidiary will be able to propose a complete and highly professional assortment of services in the French territory, leaning, as partner, on the organization, skills and means of the Service Division of Peme Gourdin, which possesses a widespread network of service centers and teams of expert technicians. The services available at the present time range from installation to start-up, through to diagnostics, repairs, laser alignment, product re-conditioning.

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