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EvenWall Stator

Thanks to its design, the Knoll progressing cavity pump MX is suitable for conveying and dispensing applications in the foodstuffs and hygiene sector as well as in the chemicals and paper industries. The key factor is their high dispensing accuracy, which is achieved, among other things, by the use of EvenWall® technology. This feature is ideal for dispensing a wide variety of media into drums.

Highly reproducible dispensing accuracy is essential for volumetric dispensing of aqueous to highly viscous media into drums. Manufacturers in all branches of industry have to comply with the EU Finished Packaging Directive when filling containers. This directive stipulates the extent to which the fill quantity is allowed to deviate from the volume stated on the packaging label. If the filling plant has a high dispensing accuracy, the fill quantity will always be within tolerance. This in turn saves manufacturers money.

Knoll MX progressing cavity pumps are already used in a variety of demanding dispensing applications. In some cases, even tiny quantities as small as a fraction of a droplet are dispensed at varying viscosity, temperature and pressure.

In addition to their high dispensing accuracy, MX pumps have a number of other strong-points. They are able to convey not only incompressible media but also compressible media without changing the structure of the medium. By using EvenWall technology (uniform elastomer wall thickness) as standard, MX progressing cavity pumps have an absolutely exact and uniform sealing line. The precision of the sealing line helps to increase the quality of flow reproducibility even under conditions of varying pressure. It also helps to significantly reduce pulsation. This ensures gentle product handling and allows even shear-sensitive media to be conveyed without any difficulty. Pumps with EvenWall technology transfer much less heat the medium than pumps with conventional cylindrical stator linings.

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