Wilo: High-pressure centrifugal pump with IE4 motor technology

The Helix Excel series is driven by EC motors with extremely low current consumption. These centrifugal pumps achieve motor efficiency values according to the manufacturer’s figures that even outclass the limit of the upcoming efficiency class IE4 (acc. to IEC TS 60034-31 Ed.1). As a result, all the future specifications of the new EU Regulation that came into force on 16 June 2011 under the auspices of the European Ecodesign Directive on the energy efficiency of electric motors are far outclassed.

Compared to a standard pump without speed control – as it is widely used in the market – Helix Excel, equipped with the high efficiency drive (HED – High Efficiency Drive), allows energy savings of up to 70 % in certain applications.  The fields of application of thist pump are

  • water supply,
  • pressure boosting,
  • industrial circulation systems,
  • process water,
  • cooling water circuits,
  • washing systems and
  • irrigation systems.

All models have particularly efficient hydraulics that are made using extremely precise laser welding technology. In conjunction with high-efficiency EC motor technology, the new high-pressure centrifugal pumps in the series achieve particularly high overall efficiency values.

A new integrated frequency converter for power control in the new Wilo design permits a particularly wide control range. This results in much greater adaptability to changes in the power requirement of supplied systems and an additional energy saving potential. Straightforward operation is ensured by the tried-and-tested “red-button technology” from Wilo and a display. The new high-pressure centrifugal pumps have interfaces for bus communication; optionally, they can be used with pluggable IF-Modules. At the same time, BACnet, Modbus, CAN, LON and PLR mean that all current market standards are supported for integration into the building automation.

Another advantage of the entire Helix series is that it is designed for high robustness and durability. For example, high-quality stainless steel type 1.4307 or 1.4404 – a corrosion-resistant material – is used for producing the impellers and steps. In addition, the “X-Seal” cartridge system ensures ease of maintenance and is characterised by a sealing concept that can be used across various models: A standard mechanical seal is used throughout the entire series in the “X-Seal” cartridge system.

In addition, Wilo offers new pressure boosting systems based on this new series that are also characterised by a particularly high energy efficiency as well as a user-friendly control device of the new generation.


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