Vacuum pump for a multitude of applications

“Tanksets” are systems specifically developed for industries where there is a variable demand for vacuum. The tankset is ideal for laboratories and educational facilities. Replacing a number of separate, local vacuum pumps, the tankset can be installed in a location away from the user point, reducing locally generated heat and noise.

With over 2000 different Elmo Rietschle vacuum pumps, the permutations of tanksets are virtually limitless. The standard range includes 25 – 300 m³/h for the single pump version and 2 x 40 –  300 m³/h for the twin pump versions.

Speciality one-off designs for specific applications are always available.

With single pump systems, the pump evacuates the reservoir down to a preset, adjustable level on start-up. With no vacuum demand, the pump switches off until the pressure rises to the top limit, when it switches back on and the reservoir is re-evacuated.

With twin pump systems, the two pumps operate either separately or in unison to maintain the vacuum level to a degree of high accuracy.  The additional pump offers a duty / standby facility for both pumps to operate on peak demand.

All tanksets offer both manual and automatic control, with hours run meters fitted as standard. The control panel of the twin pump tanksets offers a change-over facility so that the pumps receive equal use over a period of time.  Access to the control panel interior for resetting switch levels is restricted by a security key, and the panel has full alarm function in the unlikely event of a malfunction.