Progressing Cavity Pumps with Increased Flow Potential

Colfax Fluid Handling has introduced the Allweiler All-Optflow® series of progressing cavity pumps. Applications include waste, wastewater treatment and paper manufacturing. These progressing cavity pumps offer up to 3800 l/min for applications up to  6 bar (87 psi) and  move virtually any type of liquid, including fibrous and solid materials efficiently and reliably.

The pumps feature high power density to help reduce energy consumption by up to 15% when compared to standard progressive cavity pumps.

Shaft diameters are approximately 30 percent smaller than those found in standard progressing cavity pumps, reducing friction by nearly 50 percent. This, combined with the application of low-wear materials, provides the potential for reduced maintenance costs. The All-Optiflow series employs a variety of innovative design details designed to reduce energy consumption as well as costs for maintenance and spare parts. Examples include redesigned pumping elements with higher power density, low-friction rotors and shaft seals, and stators with a special surface.

This Allweiler pump series is designed to optimize the standardization of structural components, such as a patented stub shaft connection and a lifetime-lubricated joint, allowing operators to move most liquids economically. The stator surface is honeycombed and works in tandem with the patented “sharkskin” rotor surface. This should provide a lower starting and operating torque, allowing the pump to operate at higher efficiency than normal and providing stable performance curves throughout operation.

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