Micro annular gear pumps

The technique of process intensification and micro reaction technology has exceeded the laboratory stage recognizably for some time. Hence, the interest in the practical implementation in production processes for the manufacturing of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical products is high. The associated scale-up requires the adaptation of system components. With regard to metering pumps, this development means the realization of larger dosage volumes and flow rates at consistently high precision. Therefore, HNP Mikrosysteme offers with mzr® 11558 the next size of their hermetic inert pump series of micro annular gear pumps.

The mzr 11558 combines special features of the hermetic inert pump series like high resistance to corrosion, low pulse delivery, low shear stress, minimal dead volume and long service life with higher volume flows or dosage volumes at similar high precision. Due to the use of silicon carbide as bearing and shaft material and case components made of Alloy C22, micro annular gear pumps are suitable for oxidizing and reducing media, acids, bases and solvents.

Equipped with a brushless DC-motor and encoder, mzr 11558 maintains flow rates from 0.19 to 1152 ml/min and a smallest dosage volume of 100 µl.

The pump suits a viscosity range from 0.3 mPas to 1000 mPas at up to 60 bar differential pressure and up to 60 bar system pressure. The pump is qualified for continuous delivery as well as demanding dosing tasks. Special designs allow a maximum system pressure of 190 bar or an operating temperature rate between – 20 °C and + 150 °C.

Beside several application possibilities in chemical processing and pharmaceutical industry, plant engineering and construction, mzr 11558 can be used for sophisticated metering tasks in the field of industrial biotechnology.


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