Flotronic: Pump machined out of a solid block of PTFE

The UK-based specialist pump manufacturer Flotronic already had a solution to aggressive chemicals handling requiring a high flow rate – the Chemflo. The challenge was to produce a cost-effective pump that could handle aggressive chemicals and other products at lower flow rates.  The new pump also needed to transfer material at temperatures up to 80°C and be ATEX-compliant and ultra-safe. The turning point in developing a solution came from a simple enquiry. Could a pump be machined out of a solid block of PTFE? And so the ‘Minichem’ was born –a n air-operated double diaphragm pump, machined from one solid block of PTFE.
Flotronic call the engineering behind the ‘Minichem’ ‘One-Block’. One of the great benefits of this approach is that it enhances still further the ease of maintenance benefit which Flotronic’s ‘One-Nut’ design so effectively pioneered. That’s because Minichem maintenance need focus only on ‘One-Nut’ disassembly … and on the ball valves only when necessary.

The new pump is a great success in the lower-flow rate, aggressive chemical duty range market where tighter budgets welcome the Minichem’s affordability. Pump users in this niche can now benefit the ‘One-Nut’ adventages including ease of maintenance ‘in-line’ at an attractive price. In the Minichem they have a pump whose absence of separate manifolds gives greater integrity with fewer parts to go wrong or wear out.  There’s a flange as well as BSP version, so the Minichem can be fully compatible with existing PTFE-lined pipework … and an ATEX approved version is also available (FDA approved anti-static).


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